Main Entry: ver·bose Pronunciation: \(ˌ)vər-ˈbōs\Function: adjective Etymology: Latin verbosus, from verbumDate: 1672

1 : containing more words than necessary : wordy <a verbose reply>; also : impaired by wordiness <a verbose style>
2 : given to wordiness <a verbose orator>

A Reminder (or more simply, a rant)

have this re-ocurring thought that won’t leave me alone like a mosquito buzzing around between my ears - a reminder - feel there is something that needs to be addressed, something to sit down and analyze must break down and evaluate all situations if you say one thing i’m thinking of ten different meanings within the one simple thing you’re trying to share somewhere, deep within myself there’s a part screaming adamantly at the rest to integrate the only way for me to feel completely in control - at the wheel -  is to organize everything, especially in regards to emotion everything needs to be on the surface and i’m stuck and i think that i need everything or nothing; that i must make decisions - doors are opening lately a lot of doors - worlds, maybe - worlds that i’d have only thought about are beckoning me to come inside to have a seat, a cup of tea and the one thing that has made this all possible is change the exact same change, in fact, that i cursed and wrestled with for weeks and honestly, the fight is worth the end result after he’s gotten his kicks from whipping your ass day in and day out, he relents and its you who comes out on top shiny and new and with my feet firmly planted on the ground maybe even toting some of this wisdom that i have found i would like to share with you but at the same time i would like to keep it all to myself because as selfish as that sounds i’m unsure of what it means to be truly independent and i would love to know but love is love is love is love and if this is that in some fragile state it has the potential to spread like wildfire - before you know its come and sometimes its even gone leaving nothing but clouds of smoke and ashen debris in its wake - i cant say i wont make that mistake again, but - a reminder - there is nothing wrong with being in the go-between.. not everything can be black and white there isn’t always a direct yes or no answer. sometimes its necessary to feel things out a little bit and to take them as they come, its a part of growing - a reminder - that growing isn’t always comfortable.

Wherever you are
Nearby or far
Black, white, lemon or lime
I hope you last a long, long time
Is there not glory enough in living the days given to us? You should know there is adventure in simply being among those we love and the things we love, and beauty, too. ~ Lloyd Alexander

Andrew Thompson - We’re in Business

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